Agnes Water Property Management

“Experience Makes a Master”

Is your property ‘lost’ between the receptionist, the letting agent, the maintenance co-ordinator and accounts section of an agency managing 100s or 1000s of rental properties? Does the receptionist even know who you are and which property is yours?

Perch Realty manages a small limited portfolio of rental properties and Ronnie Slebos is your best choice for managing your property.  Ronnie has personally and professionally managed residential property since 2006, and has been living in Agnes water since 2016.   There are few rental issues that he hasn’t dealt with prior.  

Ronnie is your direct and only contact, and he can answer all your questions whether its regarding your new tenants, maintenance on your property or your statement.  In most cases though you will be updated personally before you even get a chance to call him. 

Being a Mobile Property Management business Perch Realty does not have an office, nor a receptionist or fancy coffee machine.  And, because Perch Realty does not charge an agent’s premium on top cost of maintenance or repair work, it is a sensible choice for maximising the yield on your property.

Ronnie has more than 14 years experience in Property Management and investment property, much of his experience gained during a seven year intensive onsite manager role at an apartment complex in inner Brisbane, where he single-handedly managed a building with 68 apartments.  Contact Ronnie to list your property for rent.